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When Your Heart Runs out of Wine

Homily for Thomas Monday


Christ is risen!

I prepared this reflection for the Gospel of Thomas Monday, when we make present again the

Wedding at Cana. What a loving occasion it is! The union of two people in holy matrimony is very

special, both very intimate and yet very communal; it will hopefully bear fruit involving the Most Holy Trinity creating new souls for the children issuing from the parent’s union; it will involve the

community’s recognition of the union and hopefully their respect for it; it will involve the couple in each other in so very many ways. It stirs many emotions all around. What a loving and life-changing occasion it is!

Then they ran out of wine. Ouch!

Our Lady comes to our Lord, laying the need before Him indirectly by simply stating it. He replies with that ambiguous reply that has so teased the commentators down through the ages, and she tells the stewards to do whatever He tells them to do, which is to simply put water into the ceremonial water jars, and bring it to the fellow in charge, who discovers it’s very fine wine. Christ is laying low, in the background, not taking anyone’s attention from the beautiful wedding celebration. He served the others.

In our Holy Communions, in our personal prayers, in our work accompanied by the constant

prayer of the heart, we commune with Jesus, inviting Him to keep on working on the purification of our hearts. He turned water into fine wine; may He turn our hearts into purest hearts that will see God. He was humble, serving others, not drawing attention to Himself, not trying to lead others; may He so inspire us that we may become more and more as He was. He foreshadows the Last Supper where wine is turned into His Precious Blood – the Blood of the new and everlasting covenant, and an offering for the forgiveness of sins: may be so correspond that we bear our sufferings and efforts as sacrifices for others, and practice the on-going discipline of constant repentance and turning to God.

Much more could be said, but now it’s a season of brightness and joy, so I’ll leave off that we may

hasten to continue our celebration of the amazing Savior who walked among us, taught us by word and example, offered Himself by dying for us, and then showed us the promise of rising to everlasting life for those who will join Him – for...

Christ is Risen!


Monday, 2023-04-17, Jn.2:1-11

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